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Screen Shot 2014-10-05 at 8.20.25 PMGod asks us to dream big and follow a challenging path filled with joy and revelation. But sometimes God falls silent while we’re on that journey. What do we do when we can’t hear God’s voice anymore?

Raised in a loving, Christian home, Jennifer had wandered away from her faith and endured years of struggle in a difficult marriage. When that marriage finally ended, she found herself questioning God’s plan for her life, for her family, and for herself. She resolved to find God in the midst of the turmoil, though, and God reached out to her. God provided during the dark times, and led Jennifer back to the church and a wonderful marriage. God even gave her a vision for a new work that she began to pursue! But in the midst of pursuing that vision, the road took a turn and Jennifer’s vision for her ministry began to waver.

In this powerful and honest book, Jennifer talks about how she maintained her focus on God’s vision for her life, and how we can do the same. Using her own stories, reflections on scripture, and the abiding promises of God’s love, Jennifer talks candidly about her struggle with faith and God’s promises, and the joy that comes from realizing that God will never let us down. Chasing is a moving testament to God’s love for each of us, and the joy that can be found as we chase after God’s dreams for our lives.

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A moving story of abandonment and the debilitation of past hurts, Becoming details one young woman’s journey to the heart of her pain and the freedom she finds by pursuing God’s plan for her life. Through this intensely personal story–which pulls from scripture as well as the author’s own journals–readers experience the joy of becoming a mother, the perplexing agony of being abandoned, and the powerful freedom the author finds as she learns to trust God’s leading and direction. In a clear and relatable voice, Jennifer Wagenmaker tells her unique story in a way that readers will find much to take away–whether it’s learning to deal with past hurts or finding the courage to follow God’s leading for their life. Becoming is a powerful story that will help readers find their voice to share their own stories of delivery and hope.

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BECOMING sampler 

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