The waiting tank


Photo Credit: Propel Women

Several months ago our family took on a new adventure.  We decided to become an international host family for the first time.  Not just for one student but for two.  It made sense for us to do two instead of one because we have an ever changing schedule around here with our three older boys.  Every other week they spend time at their dad’s house which leaves our home very quiet.

We started with a bang and around month three, I quickly realized how busy my life had become.  It took a few weeks before I was down to just grocery shopping twice a week.  What an adventure this has been!  We have had amazing conversations, learned new cultural truths and built deep relationships with our international boys. We love them!  I highly recommend every family try this experience.

With the busyness, I knew my role outside of the home would need to change for a time.  God had been wooing me into a season of “REST” because He always knows what He has in store.  As I’ve sat and rested, I’ve received so much.

At the beginning of the year, the Lord spoke to my heart that this would be a year of “Letting Go”…. Of course it is.  Our international boys will head home in June, our oldest son will head off to college, our oldest little one to full-day kindergarden, and our twin boys will get their driving licenses. So much change, so much letting go.  I think that He wants for me to learn how to let go with grace.  He wants to teach me so I can teach others.

So now I just continue to sit in my “waiting tank” and ask for more vision.  I know that the fall will bring much change, and I am beginning to see a bigger picture unfolding, but I need better clarity. In the past, I have run ahead of God with excitement about an assignment that I thought He was leading me to and its cost me. I have vowed never to do that again.

I want to live in a place of constant abiding.  Not a step ahead and not a step behind.   Right in sync with the season, in tune with heaven, and prepared to march when He says “March”.  Oh God, lead me.