A new tribe

A few months ago, I read a great book written by a woman named Havilah Cunnington  called Eat, Pray, Hustle.  Her words brought such healing to my heart as I read them and now I’m hoping to share the concept in this blog.

She wrote about the significance of being connected to a specific tribe.  The word tribe alone resonated with me and has stuck out as my family and I have navigated through a wandering season of church hopping.

One thing will never change – The tribe that God has connected me to within my own family – my hubby, our boys and all of our extended family.  We may add some new members to this tribe someday, but this group will always be a part of me.

But there are other tribes that God has for me to be part of during my lifetime too.  Good tribes. Tribes that serve a piece within my purpose. They are equally important but here is the key difference…

They are only supposed to be for a season and are not intended to be forever.

That thought hit me like a ton of bricks but brought me so much freedom too.

When God connects us with a church family, it’s a beautiful thing.  We were created to be part of this wonderful and messy body of people and because of Jesus, we are all connected.  But for whatever reason God has different tribes all over the world and sometimes He has to connect us to a new one when a new season has come.  This is something that has happened for our family over the last year and I’d love to write that our transition was easy, but it wasn’t.  But then again, no one’s should be.  It is never fun to say goodbye to your church family tribe, but hopefully this concept will help you if that’s the season you are in.

When I read Havilah’s book, I was able to release all of my feelings of regret and failure.  It was like God was telling me;

Jennifer, you didn’t fail.  That was all it was ever supposed to be… A season and you had a great season with that tribe.  Now let go so I can connect you to your new tribe.

This morning I packed up our minivan with all 5 of our boys and we drove 40 miles to church where we know NO ONE.  We met our beloved daddy there and we worshiped with our new tribe.  One by one, I learned new names and I know eventually, I’ll learn stories too.


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