Revival Season

7 croud in tent I heard my phone go off as it was lying next to me this morning. I always put it near my pillow just in case an emergency arises. It was only 6:04 am and my alarm wasn’t set to go off for another 45 minutes.  I read the message that came through and then I thought about how happy I was that I still had 45 minutes left to sleep… And then the nudging…

 “Jennifer, you should really get up and take advantage of some quiet time without distractions because I want to spend some time with just you this morning”.

Of course I could have continued to lay there like I have many times before but this time was different. This has been a busy season.  I love my sleep.  My days are full and long but sometimes that combination leaves me empty. I want revival to spring up in my city, church and nation and I know that it must start in my heart first.  If I am too tired to sacrifice 45 minutes of sleep then I must not want it that bad.


Oh God,  light a fire in me.  Don’t let me become complacent.  I want to see revival sweep my streets. I want to witness another great awakening. Come alive inside of me.  Let this be a season of revival in me.

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