Let His word come alive

Psalms 37:4 “Delight yourself in the Lord, and HE WILL give you the desires of your heart”.

FullSizeRender-2I’ve always been a dreamer.

 As I little girl, I remember playing “house” with my friends.  We would pretend to be homemakers and we would use our toys to represent things that we would make up in our minds.

When my friends weren’t around, I’d make some up so they could pretend with me about whatever I was thinking about.  I can remember twirling around outside and living in some kind of fairytale world with all of my thoughts.  I imagined a life where I was all grown up and where I had a significant role to people.

As I matured, I no longer played those games, but the thoughts still came:

Oh, I can’t wait until I’m old enough to date.  I wonder what kind of career I’ll have.  I can’t wait to decorate my own house someday.

It seemed like I had to wait forever to discover who I would become as a woman. Once I became a wife and mother, I felt like that was it.  This is who God made me and I started to hit a brick wall when I would attempt to dream about new things down the road.

A few years ago, God opened the door in my heart and allowed for me to dream again.  This time, I began to dream for things that were almost ridiculous.  Things so outrageous, that I was questioning my sanity.  The thoughts and ideas just wouldn’t stop coming to me.  Just like I did as a little girl, I began to share them with my friends.  I wanted them to dream with me only this time we weren’t pretending that we were “homemakers”, we were dreaming that we were world changers.

As I sit here this morning and have spent some time alone with God, I am inspired to write what He put in my heart… If your dreams line up with scripture, let them come alive.  The dreams that He has begun to erupt in my heart are just evidence of His word being alive in me.  I love that!  His word does not lie.  You can trust Him with every dream you hold my friends.

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