They’ll always need us

photo-20I found myself lost in thought this morning as I began to picture what life will look like for me over the next few years.

 I have an 18 year old!

 I just can’t believe it.  I know that this is the season of his life where I am supposed to start letting go, and I feel myself doing it already but it doesn’t feel natural.   I mean, I’ve been his mama for 18 years.  I was created to care for him.  How do you care for your growing child when they are beginning to step further and further away into a new life as an adult?

Where do I belong in this new season of his life?

The answer is quite simple.

On my knees – just like I have been from day one.  The truth is that he will always need this part of me and that I don’t have to let go of how I mother him in this way.  In fact, he may need me more now than ever, so I better get my eyes off of my grieving heart and look to see how I can be there for him in this way even more.

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