Plugging in

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 9.37.46 AMOur 15 month old has been sick for 4 days.  Yesterday, I began to get more concerned for him after having a fever several days in a row.  So, once the older ones were off to school, I scheduled a quick visit to the doctors office to make sure all was okay with him. Of course, the visit threatened to run a bit late which caused me to panic because our 4 year old needed to get picked up from the bus stop.   Now that would typically be fine since my husband could help out but of course, he had left for a conference in New Jersey earlier in the morning. Our sweet little boy cried the entire visit and the doctor said to be safe that I should take him to the lab to have blood drawn.

I made the executive decision to wait for the lab work until after a nap.  We zoomed home just in time to pick up Keegan from the bus and managed to get in a 2 hour nap while I had coffee with a women from church who I’m discipling as I was making dinner.  We then headed off to pick up our 2 international students (plus a friend) to drop 2 of them off at the local gym and the other one off at home.  Then I took our 2 little ones to the lab to have the blood work done.  You can imagine how easy that was. (A sick baby trying to understand why mommy and 3 women wearing white coats spent 20 minutes trying to find a vein to poke.)

As soon as I got home, I decided to make chocolate chip cookies (I’m sure that I had lost my mind at this point).  Then I got a text from one of our twins needing to be picked up at the soccer field. (No big deal).  Don’t worry because we were out of milk and diapers too so a trip to Walmart and the soccer field would fit perfect into my schedule.  Just in case you need to be reminded.  If you happen to shop at the Walmart on Sherman, deciding to make a quick trip there on a day like this, may not be the best idea.  Oh well, I was desperate.

We made it home safe and sound and discovered that the other 2 boys had made it home too.

By 8:30, pj’s were on and a movie was playing. (“Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”).

I wrote all of this to say that throughout the day I had several moments where I was having to stop to catch my thoughts and breathe and to echo a short prayer for strength, patience and peace or else I think I would have definitely sunk.

Isn’t that just how life is sometimes.  Overwhelming, stretching, and trying.

There is just absolutely no way that we can make it in this world if we are not taking out time throughout the day to plug back into the source of strength.  It may be at your sink or in your car.  Where do you go when you need to stop to catch your breathe to keep yourself from drowning?

Let God recharge you when you are running low.  Don’t wait until the battery goes dead before you decide to plug in to get your recharge.  It just takes a few seconds to fill your tank back up.

(The blood work turned out normal).


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