The chase

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 9.47.06 PMI can’t believe that its already been 2 years since I first started jotting down words on what it feels like to chase after a HUGE dream.   I remember thinking back then that God was going to move quickly with the dreams that He had put into my heart of traveling the world to speak to women.  I mean I wasn’t the one who came up with the idea to do this in the first place, so why in the world would He have me wait for years to do it?

I guess I’m beginning to understand “the why” the further that I get away from the birthing of the dream.  I wouldn’t change this journey for anything.  The wrestling, the questions, the new friendships, and the relationship that continues to form between me and my Creator.

We were all created to dream.

Chasing after our dreams builds character, doesn’t it?  Its hard to finish school, stay in a marriage, to raise kids, or volunteer for the needy.  The idea sounds good at first but the actual journey never looks the same.

You can do it.  I don’t know what your dream is today, but I want to encourage to keep running with it.  Maybe its little or maybe its super BIG – in either case, just don’t stop running!

You just never know what may be just around the corner and the joy that you will discover in that place.


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