Here’s to your senior year…. I love you.

photo-15It seems like yesterday that you were promising me that you would be three years old forever.  When you would dress up like the red power ranger and ride your purple tricycle through the neighborhood without a care in the world.  I knew then to enjoy each moment with you as your mother but I didn’t realize how fast it would go by.  

We’ve had recent talks about where you’ll go to college next year and what you want to do with your life.  They haven’t felt real until I watched you pull out of the driveway today and have had the last few days to think about what is happening.

It’s your senior year and there is so much more that I want you to know…   

So forgive me if you find me crying when you walk into the room occasionally and if I stare at you while you are talking and if I ask you to wait for a minute while I’m hugging you goodbye.  Forgive me if I call you too often or if I want you home more than you’d like to be.  Forgive me if I ask you questions that seem weird or if I get too excited to share with you something that I think you should know.  Forgive me if I remind you of how much I love you when you walk by me and forgive me if I laugh at your jokes louder than anyone else in the room.  

Here’s to your senior year and making lasting memories. You’re mama loves you BIG TIME!


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