Connecting Kingdom Dreams


What if you are preventing your own dreams from forming strictly because you aren’t fulfilling someone else’s.  We were created to dream with God.  Each one of us are unique and have our own creative way of thinking and doing things.  Every once in while God gives us something that sets us apart from one other and when He does, it is our responsibility to walk it out with Him.

If your dreams only revolve around yourself, you are limiting yourself from all that God has for you.  Kingdom dreams are connected to people.  People who are in need of something.  Because of all of the different types of needs in this world, it is hard to know where to start.  Sometimes trial and error is the only way.  

  • Where do you see Him moving?
  • Who’s dream has He connected you to?
  • What are you doing about it?

Step back and look for the bigger picture that He is leading you to.  The community that you live in needs you to see who you are and more importantly, you need to see how He is connecting dreams together.



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