Follow after Him

God created you to be unique.  He wired you to operate and to live differently then everyone else you know and He makes no mistakes.  I think so often we try to fit into a mold of our peers.  We want so badly to look like them and to have the things that they do and in doing so, we experience pain and emptiness which was never meant for us.  If we could just see what He sees and embrace what He calls us to, truly the world would be a better place. We see things through a tainted lens.  We assume that everyone else has “tons of money, the best career, the greatest marriage and gobs of friends.   Not only do we assume them but we focus on them and as we do, we feel the sting that it produces.

God wants to bring us to a place where we can embrace who He created us to be.  Over the course of your life, you have been hurt over and over and those wounds are real.  In those places, He sat with you while you wept over what you were experiencing.  You were never alone.

I feel this morning that He wants to illuminate that path for YOU.  It’s okay for you to be unique.

Spend some time alone with Him this morning and listen to what He has to say.  


{Here is a great song to listen to this morning}

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