His perfect plan

10329285_10203183893254850_5777258567025539586_nThe repeated question over the last few weeks in my prayer time has been:

“Lord, what is next for me – will you show me a glimpse of what you have in store”?

I have had several conversations, each filling me with excitement about things that God is doing around me but I want His perfect plan.  Not something that I am creating on my own or something that is ahead of where He has for me to be right now with my life.

This morning started out busy like most mornings do.  Coffee with my best friend, doctor visits, running the boys around, etc…  I finally had a few quiet minutes this afternoon and again, I began with the questioning…

As I threw on my apron {yes that really happened} to start making dinner for my family, God began to speak.

He reminded me of the approaching season for my family.  It will be our oldest sons senior year, our 4 year olds first year at preschool, the twins sophomore year, and our 1 year old will finally be getting some alone time with just mommy.  Not only will our busy schedules include school but we will be adding sports, field trips, and drivers training to the mix too.  As if that is not already enough to make your head spin, we feel God calling us to host 2 foreign exchange students this school year too.  It is something that has been on our hearts for a few years now.

I feel God prompting me today to prepare for GREAT things to come.  I believe that this is the year that He is releasing me to invest much.  There is a strategy that He has in store to reap all that He wants for us to receive.

Make this school year count friends.  Start believing in what God is calling you to.  Dream BIG!


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