Never dream alone. You might be limiting yourself.

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 2.20.24 PM

It was exactly seven years ago when God began to fill me with hope for my future.  I was coming out of a whirlwind of confusion and I had lost all sense of direction.  I needed something to focus on so that I had a reason to get out of bed on certain weekends.  Of corse my three sons were reason enough but as they busied themselves as boys do, I found myself dwelling on my unraveling circumstances.  I was narrowing in on the date of what would be called my divorce date.  What would become of Jen?  What did the future hold?  So much to think about.  I never could have envisioned what my life has become.  Never.  If someone would have told me then that today this is what He was doing all along, I would have laughed at them.


I don’t care what you have been through or what you are going through today, God has a plan.  It is so much bigger than you can imagine on your own and He wants to lead you to it.  Don’t lose hope in this season.  He wants to carry you through to your victory.

So here I sit, another beautiful summer is passing before my eyes.  I continue to envision things that I desire for my life and in that picture, they look beautiful but I know one day, I will look back and laugh because God sees BIGGER than I ever could.  He has plans that I couldn’t dream up on my own.  I am committed to partnering with Him the entire way.  No looking back.

What do you see in your future?  What are you hoping for?  What do you desire for God to do with your life?  Take it to Him.  Write it down.  Pursue it with everything you have and walk out your dreams one by one.


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