Have you ever wanted to experience more from God but not known what to do about it?  You fumble through reading your devotional or passage of scripture and it just didn’t do much for you.  You know that there is more for you but you have no idea how to “hear” from God.  And so you just give up.  You quit trying and you throw your hands up and stay in that place of frustration for another season?

I’ve been there!  I find myself hungry for more but not certain where to find what I’m in search of.  I mean, I know that I’ll find it by spending more time with God but what is it that I must do when I’m spending time with Him?

On Sunday at church, my brother-in-law spoke an encouraging message.  One of the things that he said really ministered to my heart.  He said, “maybe you are just supposed to spend one more hour a week with God.”  I knew that was for me.

So yesterday, I sat longer in silence while listening to worship.  I didn’t hear anything or have this crazy awesome encounter but today I have a greater peace and I’m hungry for more.  My soul is thirsty for more of what my Abba has for me.

Not because life is so challenging or because I’m in desperate need of something…. Its just because I crave HIM.

Have you been there?

Don’t give up.  Keep seeking.  He wants to minister to you today.


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