Rosemary’s story.

photo-10I passed by a sweet lady while grocery shopping today.  She looked familiar to me but I couldn’t remember why.  A few minutes later we were in lines next to eachother waiting to checkout when her name and story came to me.  She and her husband, Bob, were two of my favorite customers back when I waited tables in high school.  They were regulars and always brightened up my day when they came through the doors to eat.  It has been years and years since I’ve seen her.

She finished paying before I did and began to walk off without ever seeing me.  As soon as I was handed my receipt, I quickly caught up to her.  She looked as beautiful as ever.  She’s seventy-seven now.  Bob passed away a few years back.  Within just a few sentences, she began to tell me how good Jesus has been to her.  She reminisced on times past and I loved listening to the stories that she had to share.  While standing in the middle of store, she shared with me how her and Bob had met and I loved watching her come alive as she did.

I also shared with her about what God has done over the years with my life.  I just had to take a picture of her.  I found myself wanting to be visiting over coffee with her and recording her story for others to hear.

Before we said our goodbyes, she asked me to pray for her leg.  I had invited her to church and to my women’s group but she said her leg is slowing her down a bit these days.  So….

We prayed together right there that God will heal her leg.  And then I watched her believe Him for the miracle to do so.

You just never know what a day will bring forth and whose life God will send your way.  Today, I am thankful that it was sweet Rosemary.

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