10313549_756201927737978_1632910368996514698_nA few years ago, I started getting all kinds of excited about doing a city-wide march.  It was just after reading a book by Chuck Pierce called “Prayers that outwit the enemy”.  Chuck’s book and others like it played a significant role in my eyes being opened to the spiritual battle that was going on in and around me.  I remember telling my husband and others about this idea and coming up with a name for it….


I met with my dear sweet daddy over coffee and he quickly encouraged me to pray about whether the march / walk idea was coming from God or not. At the time, I was in the middle of planning our first Legacy conference and had many other things on my plate. He reminded me that we had just celebrated National Day of Prayer and that there were leaders all over our city who had met the morning of this special day to pray for our city.  Leaders who have been praying for our city for generations. He then encouraged me to just start my new endeavor with choosing to attend a future prayer breakfast.

Why not come along side of the ones that have been carrying this same burden for years and years.  Why not embrace the foundation of what has been established and then step into where I fit to help carry out the vision to see Muskegon whole.

Yesterday morning, I set my alarm to 5:15 a.m.   I was excited to wake up to attend my first National Day of Prayer breakfast.  Although my husband and daddy were out of town for a church conference, I was determined to be there.

I walked in the room and I instantly felt overwhelmed.  Hundreds of people sat in this large facility all united with the purpose to call on Heaven.  Men and women from every denomination, public office, military, business, culture and home coming to unite with one purpose.

The beauty of it all was that we were just one of many city’s doing this.  People from all over our Nation were participating in the cry for God to redeem our land. As I sat listening to those who shared the microphone, I couldn’t help but appreciate their heart and words.

I am so reminded today that we all need each other in order for us to see the Great and Mighty things that God has in store.  One generation is not better than the next.  The church needs the State and we the people desperately NEED our God.


Oh Great God, Will you heal us?  Will you redeem our cities and our land?  Give us the unity that is required to see Your Kingdom here.  Bless us again dear Lord.


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