ex convict.

Screen Shot 2014-04-29 at 3.03.06 PMGod seems to speak to me a lot when I’m washing dishes.  I always question whether or not its just for me when He does or if its for me to share.  Today when He spoke, I felt like it was for others as well.

I grew up “in the church”.  I knew all of the stories and could lead you through the Roman’s road.  I could tell you what was right and definitely what was wrong too.   But I didn’t want to embrace any of it when I was out in public…

Why?  Because I hated how it all made me feel.  {it was bondage}

Praise God in all of His Glory for leading me to freedom.  God wants you free too!

The enemy comes to seek and to destroy and he will use people (even God’s people) to try to take from you the freedom that God wants you to discover with your life.  Religion can’t save you.  Only Jesus Blood can set you free from sin, death, hell and yourself.

I have experienced more hurt from people within the church walls than I have from outside of them.  I’m sorry if that is your story too.

Here is the important thing for you to hear today….

Walking in freedom gives you the ability to love your enemies and to bless those who hurt you and there is no better place than that.  Period.


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