This is your year!

Screen shot 2013-12-07 at 1.46.43 PMI pulled out my running shoes today.  I have been waiting to do that for several months.  The sun was out and we had taken the little boys for a walk.  When we returned, we started to work on the yard.

And then the thought that comes to me about once a year rolled on through.  “You should start running again.”

So, sure enough, I decided to follow it through.

During the run, I was reminded of how much I enjoy it…. I started to dream about how to stick with it and how to set new goals for my life regarding my health. …   I love what it feels like to accomplish something.

Who says that I can’t have the healthiest year of my life and be the most physically fit that I have ever been at age 36  {and climbing}?

No one.  In fact, I can only blame myself if I choose not to aim for those things.  Everyday we are bombarded with choices.  We have been given everything that we need for the success for a happy and healthy life.

You are the only one that holds yourself back from achieving your dreams.  God is just waiting to partner with you on how to carry those things out.   Join Him.


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