What are you holding on to?

photo-2As I little girl, I sucked my thumb.  My mother tells me that I started doing this on the day that I was born.  I don’t really know what caused me to  do it, instinct I guess, but I did it for many years.  I can remember sitting in front our television curled up with a blanket and the comfort that sucking my thumb would bring.  I’m not really sure why I felt a need to be comforted.  Maybe I was created that way? It was almost like having my first “friend”. Maybe it also made me feel as though things were in control around me and that I was not alone.  It took many years for me to let go of this habit but I am certain that I learned quickly how to replace it with something else.

My mind needed to be renewed in this area of my life.  

Even as I type this, so many things about this analogy have begun to swirl around in my head to help me better understand what God is wanting to show me.

Whenever I felt like I was beginning to lose control in an area of my life, I needed to find something to grab onto.  Something to hold onto to comfort me from my fears. Sometimes a person, other times an unhealthy addiction.

But always something.  

I did it without even realizing it.  It was as natural for me as drinking a glass of water.  If I had the right things, people or options available to me for when I needed something, I would be okay because I would cling to my place, that thing, or person of resource that I had trained myself to go to.

But the Bible says in Matthew chapter 6:  that we are to seek Him first.

How often do we really do that?

I think that we have all trained ourselves to have options to run to when we need the comfort that only God was created to be for us.  We may not even realize that we have used our relationships as a means to protect ourselves from ever being alone.  But by doing this, we have also prevented ourselves from putting Him first.  Maybe it’s an addiction to a certain status.   As long as you have “this” than everything will be okay.

And then it happens… The “this” in your life begins to slip away and you panic.   And can’t find your way.  And you find a new thing to replace it with.

Oh God – teach us how to seek you FIRST.  Shatter anything in our lives that may be preventing us from seeking your Kingdom FIRST.  Remove it.  Don’t let us put any kind of “idol” in our lives in a place that belongs to you and you alone.


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