All things new

I was created to be social.  I love interacting with people. I often will smile at strangers when I’m out and about with the hope of it starting up some kind of conversation.  That is just who I am.   I do it at the grocery store, while out on a walk, at church every sunday and really any place that I go.

It hit me today when I was sitting with my weekly Bible study group.  We were moving from one topic to the next during our discussion time and I shared my heart with them about how I was feeling blah lately.  How the last few months have been challenging for me because of the massive amounts of snow that we have been getting.  I struggle to find excitement about anything because I know that I will more than likely just be staying inside.

Not only do I love people.  I also love nature.

 I miss being able to soak in the sunshine and the feeling of the air on my face.  I miss smiling at my neighbors and looking at the trees.  I miss the openness of the skies.

Maybe this is a season of being stretched.  Maybe its about enduring and staying the course. 

Although I am dreaming of birds singing and trees budding, what I am praying for is for His Kingdom to be established in me.  I want to become so transformed that I can face any season with grace and confidence.  I want the mindset that I was created to have about every circumstance in my life.  I want to be made new.


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