Hey mom’s – It’s time to be grateful

photo(40)I was leaning over picking up the toys that were scattered around the house for the third time of the day when I stopped to say thank you.  You read it right.  I was thankful that I was getting to pick up my messy living room again.  Now before you go and think I’m crazy or lying to you, let me explain. This is my second time around at having little ones around the home.  I started young and I wish that I would have known a woman like myself back then to remind me to cherish what I had.  I know that my mom shared her wisdom with me but for some reason, it didn’t sink into my heart.  I was always consumed with chores and never mentally present to truly enjoy my young children.  I felt like I was constantly drowning and I always felt like the house needed to be cleaned. I was a good mom, but I missed out on so much.  I let my days slip by without pausing to appreciate the mess. The older that my boys get, the more that I realize how quick the time passes by.  Today, the older ones had the day off of school and I was picturing us all home making breakfast, watching movies and playing board games.  Now of course, this rarely happens, but I was hopeful.  Instead, they have found places to go with friends and our home is quiet.  I do have our two little ones around.  So, I made a nice lunch and sat with our 3 year old.  I played longer with our 7 month old before he laid down for his nap and I said thank you to the Lord for the gift of being home to clean up after my sweet boys. I know all too well that this season of my life will end quicker than I want it to.  Before I know it, I will be fighting to compete with activities and friends.  Just one more reminder to be grateful for the gift that I have today right in front of me. I encourage you to do the same.  Cherish the season that you are in as a mother.  You’ll be glad that you did, I promise. jensig-1

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