Becoming a better wife challenge: Day # 7 – Don’t Nag

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 8.52.57 AMNagging can be natural for us wives that are also mommy’s.  We love to “mother” our men. The art of keeping your mouth shut comes from the spirit of self control.  As God develops this fruit in your life, you’ll reap benefits in every other area of your life too.
If we can allow our thoughts to run through a filter before we open up our mouths, then we may be able to say only the things that would benefit them.
The Bible talks about us being held accountable for each and every word that we speak.  It is so important to choose our words wisely.  Be strategic with how you go about trying to accomplish something  you think that God wants to have happen in your husbands life.
I promise you that “Nagging” him will not be a working method.

2 thoughts on “Becoming a better wife challenge: Day # 7 – Don’t Nag

  1. I pray for my husband every day but yesterday there were some unexpected ‘challenges’. He prays with me every morning before he leaves for work & as he got ready to do that, I asked if he wanted me to pray for him? He quickly smiled & said yes! Prayed for God’s protection, did some warfare praying, & asked for clarity in what he needed to accomplish for the day; he then prayed for me. When the day finished & we were heading to bed, I commented on how he’d done leading a class @ church. He ‘felt’ he’d rushed but I shared some of the feedback from others in the class to encourage him; again he smiled & pondered how God had answered our prayers throughout the day & rejoiced in that! What a gift to end the day on an uplifting note!

    1. I love this! Thanks so much for sharing. Praying with our husbands is so powerful! I love that God has a master plan purpose for both my husband and myself. It is so great to work together towards accomplishing those things.

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