Becoming a better wife 2014: Day # 5 “Spend time with God”

Screen shot 2014-01-07 at 8.52.57 AMThe best gift that you can give your husband is allowing God to use you to be His hands and feet.  You can only learn how to do this from spending time alone with Him.  You can try to be the best wife on your own and in your own strength but eventually you will fail at this.

Today, I felt God telling me not to make a video and not to spend time on-line, but to focus on Him.  To spend time with Him so that I can continue to be the wife that He created me to be for my beloved husband.

That’s my challenge for you too.

Instead of watching a video of me talking about practical ways of being a better wife, listen to this song and close your eyes.  Crawl up into your Father’s lap and listen to what He has to say to you.  Because He is speaking.  Do you know how to hear His voice?

Hopefully I’ll see you again in the morning, but I’m not promising that is what He will show me to do.

Be Blessed.


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