Becoming a better wife 2014 challenge: Day #3 – Give him your undivided attention

It’s the beginning of a new week.  Are you ready for a new challenge?

How have you been doing on the previous ones?  I’d love to hear from you on how you are implementing your challenges!  Will you share some of the things that you have tried?

For me on Day 1 – “Choosing Joy”, I just tried to be sure to be extra cheerful.  The month of December was a long month for me.  Our six month old has still been getting up in the night, my hormones are all kinds of out of sorts and I was just down right tired.  When the new year came around, I was ready for CHANGE!  I am six days into the month and feeling so much better, choosing Joy was the perfect start for me.

Day 2 – “Honor his wishes”, I was intentional about asking him what he wanted for dinner.  I asked him before making plans do exercise with a friend just to show him that his opinion mattered and I offered to rub his back for him. (He took me up on the suggestion).  It had been a while since I offered to do anything nice for him.

2 thoughts on “Becoming a better wife 2014 challenge: Day #3 – Give him your undivided attention

  1. I’ve been following along loosely committing. To be truthful, when I first saw this I thought, “Well, I do a lot already and I just don’t see how I could or even should get better.” Yea, not real humble thoughts, I know. But yesterday I thought, “ok, I’ll find a way to do something special.” I too made him a dinner he would enjoy; however, it really didn’t stick out to him because he’s pretty used to me making a good dinner (he really doesn’t complain about food, so I have it easy here).

    He did come in from snow blowing complaining about a sore shoulder. Without looking up from the computer, I thought, “ugh (only because I was busy), I should offer to massage it.” I made the offer, “Do you need me to massage it?” He said, “Nah, that’s alright, I just need a hot shower.” I thought, sweet! I’m free to go about my work and at least I offered. Later he said, “I think I want some soup” and I thought, well, here’s another chance for me, “Would you like me to make you some?” He replies, “You don’t need to do that; I’ll get it.” I’m thinking, I’m a pretty lucky girl that my husband is so self-sufficient.

    As I sat there thinking about my offers, I realized—If I was dating him, like I was 14 years ago, I would not offer…I would just DO. Therefore, as he was watching football in his chair, completely content, I went behind his chair and started rubbing his shoulders. He was pleasantly surprised and certainly didn’t tell me to stop, but that’s not what is so wonderful about all of this–

    That evening, I went in the room and he was writing (he hates to write!), then he handed me what he wrote down. It was a note to me reflecting on 2013, and some things he felt he fell short on in our marriage, and then went on to write about how in 2014 he wants to make our marriage the best year yet, and he listed some things that he was going to do in order to be a better husband. I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT! How does that happen so fast? He even said that me rubbing his shoulders was exactly what he needed and one of the nicest things I could have done for him at that time.

    This is longer than I intended but Thank you Jen for continuing to inspire me!

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