Becoming a better wife 2014 challenge: Day #2 – Honor his wishes

Well it is day 2.   I woke up earlier than I have for a while.  Thought I’d have the house to myself.  Poured myself a cup of coffee, prayed and then thought I would make a quick video before everyone else got out of bed.  I was seconds away from finishing it and then the noise of a toilet flushing ruined the ending to my video.

And guess who the flusher was???  You guessed it, my husband.  It was quickly followed by a crying 3 year old who wanted to get up.  All I could think of was, “great, now I won’t be able to make my video about becoming a better wife” and that thought was making me frustrated.

How funny right!  I had to readjust my attitude, so I guess I had to pull from yesterday’s challenge which was (Choose Joy) and get things in order for them so that I could come finish a new video.

I think I need another cup of coffee now and I definitely need some time with the Lord.

We can do this friends!


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