Turn it up a Notch

My oldest son has a wonderful sense of humor. He’s always doing and saying things that make us laugh. The other night he came upstairs and showed us a video that he had just made of himself. It was hilarious! We wanted him to post it on-line somewhere so everyone else could see this side of him but he wouldn’t let us. It brought me back to when I was a teenage girl. I remember using my dad’s big ol’ video camera and making homemade video’s of myself being silly.
So I decided to show my boys that I could still do that and they decided to participate with me on it. It made for a good night of laughter for the whole family.

Last week my boys were trying to catch me up to speed on some of the lingo and technology that is going on. Hence, why I keep saying “Turn Up” in the video. My son took a picture of me last week and sent it to his girlfriend on Snap Chat and wrote the words “Turn Up” on it. I had no idea what that meant and I still don’t.

We live in a day and age where our teenagers have “the world” at their fingertips. If I allowed the fear of what that could be to rule me, I would be one depressed person. Finding the humor in life can speak volumes to our children and open up barriers that allow for good conversation about what they really are engaging in. Avoiding these conversations or living in denial doesn’t help anyone.


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