Dreaming the pain away.

Screen shot 2013-12-16 at 2.17.31 PMI think most people who know me know that I have big dreams for my life.  I have many friends who have given me things with the word DrEaM on it somewhere. I love to think about the future and anticipate different aspects of what life has the potential to become.

The last few weeks have been challenging for me. I’m not really sure why that is.  I’d like to blame it on the gray skies and cold winds but I’m not really sure if that is it or not.

I began to write in my journal recently about how I wonder if I dream things up just to escape from the hurts of every day life.  If I have taught myself how to cope with pain by running into my daddy’s arms.  Do I have an unhealthy concept of what a dream is?

I don’t think so. 

I’m comforted today by the thought that I have learned something healthy for my life.  Yes, life is difficult, pain is real, and hurts affect us.

But if you can teach yourself how to lean into your daddy’s arms when those things surface, He will comfort you with His dreams for your life.  He will whisper sweet truths about who you are in your ear and give you a glimpse of what He has in store for you to keep you from losing Hope (in Him).

I know so many people who get swallowed up by the darkness around them and who have lost hope.  I want to encourage you today to DREAM.  Allow yourself to dream about what your heart desires.  Don’t focus on the pain.  You can escape it all by running into your daddy’s arms and discovering His dreams for you life.  They’ll carry through because they come from spending time with Him.


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