Why THIS God?

photo(33)Life has been a struggle for me for the last few weeks.  I wrote a blog a few months ago about my sister and her illness – (Manic Bi-polar) and how it has affected her and the pain that it brings because of it.

Her and I have been spending Monday’s together for the last few months.  She comes over and we try to make a meal for our families together.  Today was a rough day for the both of us and all she wanted to do was sleep.  The nature of her illness is that she is constantly trying to find the “right medication” to help her fight the battle that is going on in her mind.  She didn’t have much energy for visiting.

Today was the first time that I heard my sister show any signs of doubting where God could be at with all of this.  As she shared her frustration through tears, my heart broke for her because I struggle with the same question myself.  I don’t understand this.

All we could say is that God knows what is best and for some reason, this is what is best for her for now.  We have to believe that.  We have to trust that He will show us what we cannot see and that He is working even this together for His good.

I felt like sharing the struggle because I know that we are not the only family going through hardship right now.  I know that others are wrestling with understanding God’s plan over a situation.  The enemy wants you to think that you are alone in your struggle, but my friend… You are never alone.


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