I must not be “normal”

My husband has Tuesdays off from work.  We always try to find something to do with the little ones during the day so that we can take advantage of the time together.  Today, we landed on taking them to the mall.  One of Keegan’s favorite things to do is ride the train that whizzes past the store fronts.

(We even have a punch card). 


After he played with the other kids in the play area, we decided to take a stroll.  The first store that we walked into had this sign and thus inspired my blog.

The words “What she wants” made me think.  In part, they are true.  As I wandered through the trendy store, I must admit, there was a part of me that wanted something off of every rack but I didn’t like the feeling that it was bringing to me.  I remember what it felt like to be able to buy myself those things but those days are long gone and I’m okay with that.


As we kept walking, we past my old favorite store.  The boots in the hallway caught my eye.  I even had the nerve to try it on.  I flipped it upside down and had to laugh.  Yup, that price tag says $84.  I knew before I even walked another foot into the store that I would be leaving there empty handed. Right away, the sales clerk spotted me.  She informed me that they just got a new shipment in of my favorite jeans.  My husband looked at me and smiled.  We both remembered the day when we were their favorite customers.  He pushed the stroller for me while the sales girl went to find an outfit for me to try on.


Although I did try on the $250 outfit, I have to be honest by saying that I like the $20 outfit that I wore into the mall just fine, if not more…So I took a selfy of that.

That was enough shopping for me.

We heard the whistle of the train and we snagged a ride.

As my little man and I glided through the hallways, I thought to myself.train

This is “What I want”.

This is my beautiful life and it brings me the fulfillment that no $175 pair of jeans ever could.  Although it is a great slogan, it’s not true for “this girl”.

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