Understanding “this” season.

I felt the stirring a few weeks ago.  It was after a few conversations with women that I look up to when I began to ponder whether or not I was supposed to begin taking some Bible classes.  I didn’t want to just assume that I was supposed to so I began to ask God to show me.  I felt like He was highlighting this week (specifically the last 3 days) as the time that I was supposed to really be in prayer over this decision and some other things too.  I asked some friends to join me in praying.

Yesterday, I met with a dear friend and she made a statement that stuck with me.  She said that it is important for you to understand that the season you are in now is just the preparation time for what’s to come.  When I came home from meeting with her, I was praying and the words “understand this season” kept ringing in my mind.

I have had the application for a “Ministerial Study Program” that my denomination offers sitting on my desk for the last few weeks.

I feel called to enter the 3 year online program.

I am very excited to utilize “this season” as a time of preparation of what’s to come.  Believing in great things!

What could you be doing in this season of your life that will be preparing you for what you hope to come next?


3 thoughts on “Understanding “this” season.

  1. God is doing amazing things in your life and it is more than awesome to watch him work and see your obedience to his plans for you which will bless untold numbers of people that will be blessed. I thank God for your friendship and proud to call you my Christian sister.<3

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