My sister Cassandra

It was the Memorial Day weekend of 2007.  I was living with mom and dad and had returned home to find a young teenage girl standing in the kitchen.  When I entered, dad turned to me and said “Jennifer, meet your new sister, Cassandra”.  I smiled and introduced myself.   He then asked me to go find an outfit of mine for her to wear to church the following morning.

She was a seventeen year old homeless girl with a sweet southern accent.  Dad had met her while he was out knocking on doors.  He has been knocking on doors since he started his church over 35 years ago.

I remember how much mom and I loved on her over the weekend.  Sipping on coffee, making meals together, laughing, and talking to her about the love of the Father.  The memory that stands out the most in my mind is when her and I were sitting in the hot tub that overlooks lake Michigan and she began to share her heart with me with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face.  She was so amazed at the turn of events in her life and couldn’t believe the contrast from the prior week.  She felt so blessed.  I assured her that it was all because of how much her Heavenly Father loves her.

She left the following week to return to her earthly father’s home down south.  We exchanged phone numbers but have since lost touch.  (This was before facebook).

I wonder if I’ll ever talk to “my sister Cassandra” again.  Maybe not, but for some reason last night, God let me remember her and it touched my heart.

She is one of many that have walked through the doors of my parents home to be welcomed like a new family member with loving arms.  That’s just how they live their lives – to this day.

May you be looking today for someone to outrageously love so that you have the opportunity to let them know that it comes from their heavenly Father.

Love looks like something.


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