When darkness trys to come. He is there.

He makes me to lie down in green pastures Psalm 23:2One of the most famous chapters in the Bible is Psalms chapter 23.  I think that almost anyone that you know could probably quote parts of it if they were coached along.  The chapter starts out with a reference to the Lord being our shepherd and then goes on to talk about His leading and guiding us towards the things that are best for us.  It talks about still waters and green pastures and rest for our souls and how we will never be alone.  The thought of this has brought me comfort during many different seasons of my life.  Some of my favorite times with the Lord are when I quiet my soul long enough to focus on Him while listening to some worship.  I sometimes picture myself in this field of green pastures during my quiet times with Him and this is one way that He truly does restore my soul.

Discovering how to let the Lord lead me has been a journey.  It has taken time and work and will always be a process.  Although I think that most of us desire for Him to lead our lives, we also have a hard time hearing His voice when things on our journey aren’t easy and can feel dark.  I know for me, it is in these times that I am most easily distracted and confused about where He is taking me.  When life is “good”, I can praise and lift up His name and be encouraged with my life, but that isn’t everyday. Although the difficult times do bring me closer to Him, hearing His voice has been very challenging for me over the years.  Maybe it has been for you too?

So I’ve taught myself to close my eyes during those “dark moment’s” and to picture myself with Him.  It always brings me the strength to make it through the day.


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