photo(27)I stumbled upon this little treasure tonight in a box down in our basement.  It is a little homemade frame that my daddy made when we were children.  He has a wonderful way with words and has written many inspiring poems and songs over the years.  He always would find a creative way to display them too.

 Dad made it so easy for me to understand the love of my Abba Father based on his love for our family.  I love him so.

Sandbox Kingdoms

“When I was much younger, my days seemed as years, and the sun crept more slowly; I had fewer fears.

My sandbox, a kingdom; each good night, sweet dreams.  My bedroom seemed lighted by magic moon beams.

Each season seemed Christmas; each gift packed with care. My childhood held fantasies, so rich and so rare.

Now, years seem as days; the sky colors gray.  The pressures mount upward with each coming day.

The kingdoms far from me; the road marches long. The magic more mystery, more words to the song.

But faded within me, are signs far and true; My kingdoms are reachable, if I’ll just see them through.

So God grant me patience, more wisdom with age; and restore the vision of my childhood days.”

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