We have this moment to have and to hold.

1185068_10201484928781800_1549658315_nI spent a day with my mom over the weekend.  I always love it when God allows for that to happen.  Her and I sat next to each other as we attended a Beth Moore Simulcast.  Over the years, we’ve been able to attend many women’s events together and at each one, we’ve grown closer.  Throughout the day, I would whisper things into my moms ear.  Little things that would come to me as Beth would speak.  My mom has a way of listening like no one I’ve ever known.  I love to share with her the dreams that I have for my life, both big and small.

We had to laugh as we swayed back and forth during the worship.  It never fails, we always bump into each other because we both move in opposite directions, I’ve received her gift of rhythm.  There’s just something special about standing next to your mom while you are lifting your hands together and worshiping God.  The songs were a beautiful blend of hymn and contemporary worship.  I appreciated my foundation as the song “Victory in Jesus” came on to the screen. 

It felt “right” to be standing next to the woman who has been so instrumental in my walk with the Lord.

The event closed out with each participant grabbing the hands of the person next to them to stand face to face… naturally mom and I paired up.

We were lead corporately to echo and declare things over one another.  As soon as her and I uttered the first few words, we both got teary-eyed.  Here we were speaking over one another profound truths straight from His word.  As I looked around the room, I felt His presence.  We weren’t the only ones being touched by Him in that moment.

Sometimes, I wish that I could just pause time to enjoy the moment that I am in.  This day was one of them.


2 thoughts on “We have this moment to have and to hold.

  1. Jen, you have a way with words, for sure! Thank you for your sweet words! I’m afraid I enjoyed it more than you did, tho! Love you sweet baby!

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