Take me deeper

I was cleaning out the kitchen sink with bleach yesterday morning when it hit me… The thought, “why am I like this”.   My older sons were coming home in just a few minutes after being gone for a few days and I was rushing around the house and making sure that everything was “in order” before they got here.

So I said these words out loud:

“Lord, I give you permission to show me why I am like this.  I want to understand who I am more.  Will you reveal what it is that is inside of me that needs things to be neat and in order all of the time?  I want freedom from this type of living.  I recognize that this is bondage and not from you.”

I could list off some good truths about this kind of living too, but those things only keep me into the bondage over it.

I know that it is okay to want a clean house, and to have structure and order in the home, but when you are chained to it, that’s not freedom and… (Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is Freedom – 2 Cor 3:17).

It has only been a day and the “Breakthrough moment” has not occurred yet but I thought that I would continue to live transparently on  this site while on my journey towards Becoming all that He created me to be.  I promise to share the revelations that come from this path towards finding greater freedom in all areas of my life.


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