Do you know “who” your children are?

Do you know who your children are?

I’m not talking about their personality or the things that they like to eat.  I don’t even mean what kind of things do they like to do.  I guess the question is much deeper than that.  I’m asking you whether or not God has revealed to you just who your precious children are in His eyes?   As you’ve had time and years now to spend with each of them, have you taken the opportunity to discover the purposes in which they were created for?

Over the years, I’ve been able to clearly see who my boys are not but I must admit that understanding who the ARE has been much more challenging for me.  When they respond or react in a way that is difficult for me to handle, my first reaction has always been to discipline them.  It wasn’t until last year that I began to realize that there was a way to use those moments of difficulty as an opportunity to partner with God.

If we take note of their negative behavior, we’re able to see where the enemy is trying to attack them the most.  It is in that place that we can find our strategy. It’s there that we use the power that we have been given as mothers to take back what the enemy is trying to steal from our children… Their true identity.

In our prayer time, God can speak to us about who they are and He can give us the insight needed to train them up in the way that they should go.  As mothers, I believe that we hold more power than any other person in the world to stand in the gap and to pray for them.  One day (God-willing) we can pass the baton on to their spouse.

My oldest son will be seventeen years old this fall.  I can’t believe how quickly the years have slipped by.  He was just cuddling with me on the couch watching Bambi and now he’s driving off to his first real job.

I see him becoming a young man and with that God continues to prepare my heart for what’s to come, the “letting go” stage. Because of that understanding, I’m using this time to really press in and to release all that the Lord shows me about who he is.  I have had some powerful conversations with my growing son to share with him what God has shown me about him.  His response brings confirmation to my heart that he understands the great purposes that God has in store for his life.

It doesn’t matter what path he chooses in life, all that does matter is that he understands who he is.

This morning happened to be another opportunity for me to remind him of who he is.  When he woke up, he chose to make breakfast for his younger brothers.  He then decided to serve it to them in bed, just because.  I made sure to capitalize on this example of his identity by speaking into it afterwards.

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