Burn in me

I have been incredibly inspired for the last few years by a woman named Heidi Baker.  It was my dad that first introduced me to her.  One fall day I stopped over to visit him and he said that he had to show me a video that he watched.  He said the woman in the video reminded him of me.  Only a daddy would say that.

Together, he and I watched an hour-long video that he ordered through Netflix.  It was a documentary about her ministry in Mozambique, Africa.  (http://www.irisglobal.org/)

I remember crying with him on his couch that day.  I was so touched by her love.

I still have yet to see her in person, but I continue to follow her ministry.

This week, I’ve spent more time watching some of her more recent speaking engagements.  As I watch them, I continue to become more convinced that I have so much more to learn about sacrificial love.

So, my question this week to myself has been this:

What does love look like?  As I’ve prayed and pondered, this is what I feel like God is showing me.

It looks like sacrifice.  If what I’m doing isn’t costing me something, then it’s not love at all.

My prayer:  Oh Lord I want a deeper revelation of what love is.  I want a radical love for others that costs me something.  I’m just too comfortable right now.  Burn in me a love that consumes me from the inside out.  I want to see your eyes of love.  Would you undo me of myself and wreck me so I’m never the same.

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