A week of Redemption

My Sweet Jude Martin,

The second you were born – You were worth the wait.  You were worth every contraction.  You were worth every sleepless night.  You were worth the longing that I had from within and You were worth every ounce of pain.

I’d do it all over again a thousand times to experience the joy of that first touch of your skin on mine.

I wish that I could push pause right here, right now in this season of your life, but I know that I cannot.

So I choose to write this quick note to you today with hopes that one day you will reflect on our journey to this point and quickly come to the conclusion that your mommy loves you deeply.

As much as I want you to focus on my love, I must remind you to recognize the love of your Heavenly Father. While you were in my womb, He was growing me in my understanding of His love for me.  It was a precious gift during the wait of your birth.

He spoke so many things to me about you Jude.  You are a warrior son.  You are a carrier of Peace and Unity.  You have been born with a Humble and Gentle spirit and He wants to use you for great Signs and Wonders. I promise to continue to speak that into your life as long as I shall live.

I love you forever.



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