A branch from part of my Legacy.

Some of my favorite childhood memories were times spent with my daddy.  He lives his life a tad different than most do.  I remember when He used to sing out loud as he would hold my hand in his while we were entering the grocery store, he was always happy.

It was his love for our family that drove him to spend time camping in the summer, roller skating once a month and Friday nights at home for <strong>”family night fun”</strong>.  He was one of those dads that brought the video camera out to every event so us kids would have memories stored forever.

His love didn’t stop at 190 W. Byron.  It carried on into the city streets.  I remember sitting in the front row of the rescue mission while he would preach and being so proud to be his little girl, <em>I felt like he was a movie-star.</em>  I loved tagging along on Thursday mornings to visit the elderly in the nursing home while I would watch my dad share his love with them.  I remember his vacant seat every 3rd Sunday afternoon at lunch time while he was away preaching to the men in the local jail and prison ministry…  He still does all of these things to this day.
I want to be like him.  I want to carry on in his Legacy.  I want LOVE like he does.
You see, “LOVE” looks like something.  And for me, this is just a glimpse of what it looked like.

Last Fall I was privileged enough to go to Chang Mai, Thailand on a mission trip.  The instant that we stepped into the small hut where we would be ministering, my heart felt a love that I didn’t know existed.

A few weeks ago, I felt that same love when I visited the local rescue mission.  I can’t really describe it.  I felt God there and I knew that this is where He wanted me to be.

So, this Friday night a group of women will be going in with me to the mission to share our stories with them.  Oh God, THANK YOU for this amazing opportunity.  May we be filled up with more of you… Help us to show them what Love looks like.


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