Some things that I’ve learned

 The Lord has taught me some things over time about being a wife, however I still consider myself a “newlywed”.

I know that I am not the same woman that my husband married a few years ago and I thank God for that.  Some things I have had to learn the hard way, others with experience and I know that I still have miles to go.

I am eager to grow.

Here are a  few things that I’ve learned…

  • Pray things into your husbands life.  Your words have power to change your circumstance.

  • Treat him as though he is the man you are praying he becomes.

  • Let him lead you spiritually.  God gave him to you for this purpose.

  • Admit when you are wrong and seek forgiveness.

  • Share in his dreams with him.

  • Let the little things go.

  • Remember that life is not about you.

  • Take advantage of simple moments together.

  • Be willing to change.

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