Moments like this…

I sat and watched some old videos of the older boys from years ago.  I forget how small they once were.  Our oldest will be driving this year.  Where did the time go?

I have watched as time has slipped by us and with that time, it gets harder for me to hold them close.  I wish it wasn’t so.

I have learned to appreciate my simple moments with them…  Ones that include 10 minute car rides, 2 minute conversations, or just a hug when they pass by.

Our 2 year old causes me to remember to slow down and….

( pause).

Life is a filled with beauty.

I have heard some speak such negativity of the teenage years, I am choosing to embrace them with everything that I am.

Remembering today that nothing lasts forever.

One thought on “Moments like this…

  1. I think teens are wonderful. I did high school youth ministry for years and it was such a blast.. We will notice how special they are if we are not intimidated by these years of change. I found listening ears are what they really want even if for 2 minutes. You’re a great mom!

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