do you know your story?

I had the opportunity to teach in the kids ministry this past Sunday.  I decided to share with them my own personal story of how God has shown Himself to me in my life.  Once I finished sharing, each child began to work on a booklet that they created to tell their stories too.  As we were doing this, we also went around the room and listened to different ones share a story that came to their mind about God.

We went over this powerful verse together:

Revelations 12:11 – They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.

The “him” in this verse is referring to the devil himself.  The boys listened intently as I explained to them that we could actually defeat the devil ourselves.   They didn’t seem as excited once I shared with them what this verse says the key to doing that is.

As I have been reflecting on this scripture,  I am  reminded that many do not realize that they have a powerful story to share or why we should share it to begin with.

Maybe today is a good day for some to start writing out their journey with God so that when the right time comes, the enemy is defeated.

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