What is holding you back?

If you were to write down your dreams on a piece of paper,  would they inspire you or would they paralyze you?

I believe that each one of us were created with God size dreams somewhere deep within our being.  They have been put there for a reason.  Our greatest fulfillment is to search them out.

We have this beautiful place within our minds that holds great imagination for the things unseen.   It is in this place that we can hear from God and that He can show us how to dream even bigger.   He is the one with the “blueprints”.

I think that the closer that we get to walking out some of our dreams, the closer that we get to our Creator.

I love that we are all unique and that we have our own personal dreams.

I believe that FEAR holds many back from their created destiny.  I want to encourage you today to write out your dreams and to chase after them.

Isaiah 41:10 – Fear not, for I am with you.



One thought on “What is holding you back?

  1. one God sized dream was to go back to school and use what I learn in ministry of some sort. I am in the midst of it and so excited! As soon as I stepped out, the fear vanished and the Lord came in with His strength and wisdom and peace of course. I’ve also been told ( and have loved the idea) of being a part of a women’s ministry and speaking tour. Well you are the one that made that dream come true and I’m excited at the Lords timing in meeting you face to face! But I am a part of the team in prayer and “know you all in the spirit” that in it’s self is God sized! Love you so!

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