Women – You are invited.

It was on February 23rd of this year when a new friend of mine named Kristen handed me a book to read.  God had just brought her into my life about a month before this.  We had an instant spiritual connection.  I know our friendship was heaven sent.  She gave me a book called “Prayers that outwit the enemy”, by Chuck Pierce.  Inside the front cover, she wrote a beautiful note about how she felt led to give the book to me.   I read the book from cover to cover in less than 24 hours.  It was such a heavy read that I had to read it again just to take it all in.

At the end of the book, the author gives you a 32 day journey for journaling and reading with assignments.  While I was on that 32 day journey, the Lord was speaking mightily to me.  He gave me such a heavy burden for this city, (Muskegon).  He inspired me to seek out 12 women to partner with me for this city.  I prayed about who that should be for about a week and then I stepped out and began to make some phone calls.

About a week before we were scheduled to meet, I began to envision a prayer walk for our city.  When I would talk about what it could look like, I was getting more and more excited.  Although I knew I wasn’t the one that was supposed to oversee it, I was hungry for it.

On May 9th, I met with 10 women for a luncheon.  We sat around a beautiful table and shared our hearts for this city.  The Spirit of God led the discussion and moved us all into a powerful time of prayer for one another and for what’s to come.  I was introduced to a Mighty woman of God named Selena Stevenson that day.  I was drawn to her.  When I found out that she had been hosting an early morning prayer time for women at her church, I knew that I was supposed to be attending.  Her heart is crying out for the “Wailing Women” (Jeremiah 9:17-18).  They meet every Monday and Wednesday at 5 a.m., at her church (Rivers of Living Water Ministries International /1550 Laketon).  I have been so blessed by these sweet mornings over the last month and I now have some wonderful new friendships too.

Melissa McCormik was among us at the luncheon too.  She called me a few weeks ago to share with me that she felt called to host a prayer time at her church too.  She also joined me last week with Selena’s ministry in the morning.

Today at 10 a.m., I went to pray with Melissa’s group, who had been joined with some of Selena’s group and I caught more of the vision that God has in store for us.  They meet on Tuesday’s at 10 a.m., at (Norton Shores Gospel Tabernacle / 1253 E Hile)

I believe that God is going to open up new groups for Thursdays and Fridays too.

Both of these churches are crying out for more women to come and they have their doors extended and opened to “whosoever may come”.

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