Love Mission

Two weeks ago,  our church (Jericho Road Church) started a new series.  We are all going through a book together  called – Love Mission.  It offers us specific acts of kindness to do throughout the week.  It has been a great blessing to me so I thought I would post the one that I  opened up to today to encourage others.  (Its found on page 17 of our book).


It seems that random acts from a selfless heart that pop out of nowhere make a profound impact.  One day, I walked into my office and it was rearranged and freshly painted in my favorite color.  Some of my coined phrases were creatively made into signs and hung on my walls.  I will never forget that moment in my life.  Someone wanted to show their appreciation, and spent a whole Saturday beyond just living for themselves.  An act like this does not only speak volumes to the receiver, but it also benefits the giver.  There is something right about dropping what we are doing, and dedicating time to surprise someone with a random act of love.  It’s almost as if for that period of time, we take a break from the selfish little world that we live in and focus directly on what would make someone else feel special.

Love mission:  Consider a random and thoughtful way to give.  Choose someone.  Think about what they mean to you and what you can do to make them feel appreciated.  What will stick with them forever?  You may choose to clean and organize their desk or buy them a whole bunch of chocolate and leave a note or make them a card.  I don’t know.  It’s your randomness, so get random!

2 thoughts on “Love Mission

  1. I love this…I remember when I was in my darkest moment during my mid 20’s and a pastor said “Donna you need to go serve and get outside of yourself.” This is when I dove into womens prison ministry and was blessed beyond what I could have imagined.

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