Divine appointments

My husband left last night for a church conference that will keep him away for a few more days.   I believe that God is in control of all things and that His timing is perfect.

As I prepared my heart for my husband being away, I was encouraged to know that God is the one that orchestrates the details of our lives…

I continuously find myself wanting to write new blog posts, to who I’m not sure.   I feel compelled to encourage others on their journey in life and I am always hopeful that I’ll find just the right words to help push them along.  I have a huge burden in my heart for the hurting and I have to push against the voices that tell me to stop posting things… I’m not writing for the ones that are bored with message that Jesus loves and forgives them.

I’m writing today for the ones that need to hear these words:

You have been set free.

There is NOTHING that you could ever do that could make Him love you less.

He wants you to trust Him again.

He’s listening.

He’s with you.

He loves you more than you’ll ever know.

Its time to forgive yourself.  He can’t see your sin.  He only sees His beautiful creation in you.

Prayer –

Oh Jesus, please send this post to your broken.  May they find healing in you today.

2 thoughts on “Divine appointments

  1. It’s for me…and I’m sure others. Jen, I’m on a continuous journey. These are the words the Lord spoke to me this past week. Continue to give your heart to me in wild abandonment and you will be free. Free from the lies the enemy wants me to believe..my heart and mind are free.xo

    1. Oh – such great words Donna. He reminded me again too of the freedom that I can walk in through Him. He sees us with perfect vision for who we really are. My prayer is that I will take the scales off of my eyes to see like He does.

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