Making memories

Last year, I started putting sticky notes on the two pages of my Bible in between Matthew chapters 6&7. On the sticky notes, I have been writing out the desires of my heart.
Anytime that I have a new desire come from within, I write it down and then trust the Lord with it.

I have written out little things on those sheets like: school clothes, dresser, brief case, etc., but I also have written out bigger ones too.

One of the things that I wrote down last summer was – “family vacation”. I had been faithfully praying for so many details for a trip.

Eight days ago, my family took off for a trip to the East coast to visit my husbands mother and step father. We were so Blessed by them and their hospitality.  The trip far exceeded my expectations in so many different ways.

The Lord hears us when we pray and cares about the things that we carry in our hearts. He is able to fulfill every desire of ours both big and small.

Trust Him ~

Here are some pictures that Ron (Eric’s step dad) took of us in their backyard one night while we were there.



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