Breaking Through

I believe that God ALWAYS has more for us to receive from Him.  I think that there are certain things in our lives that continue to hold us back from stepping further into them.

This morning  I was reading in Numbers chapter 14, where it says this:

vs.11-The LORD said to Moses, “How long will these people reject me? How long will they refuse to believe in me, in spite of all the miraculous signs I have performed among them?

When I think over all of the different ways that God has proven Himself to me time and time again, I wonder how I could ever doubt Him again with anything in my life, yet I do. 

At times, I doubt Him with my finances, my children, my marriage, my relationships, my health and my future. 

I choose “worry” instead of  trusting.

I don’t want to live like that anymore… I am ready to take hold of and receive a new breakthrough in this area of my life.  I want to step further and further into a new understanding of


Deeper into this chapter, Moses is pleading with God for the children of Israel.  He asks God to ( vs. 19)

“Pardon the iniquity of these people, I pray, according to the greatness of Your mercy, just as You have forgiven them from Egypt.”

That’s my prayer today for myself and for anyone who reads this… 


Oh God, Forgive us for not trusting in you.  Forgive us for doubting that you are always in control. Pardon the sins of our fathers and mothers to the third and fourth generations.  Have Mercy on us today according to your Great Mercy.  We receive it today and give You all the Glory due.  Now may You open up our eyes to the promises in Your Word for us to receive.

In Jesus Mighty Name


One thought on “Breaking Through

  1. It’s so easy for us to notice when WE are rejected, but forget that we reject God when we worry. Thank you for this eye opener… I, too, receive His great mercy!! Love you!

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