One of my greatest passions is the gift of parenting.  Its an honor to be able to teach my sons with each new opportunity along the way.  With our youngest son, we are still breaking the communication barrier walls and the challenges that they can create. 

Because Keegan is limited on his ability to convey the things that he desires, he already has learned to use that to his advantage.  He has been exploring his boundaries and testing us to see what we will allow for him to get away with each and every new day. 

A few weeks ago, I thought of a new strategy to help him understand how to make the right choice.  He had gotten into the fridge and pulled something out of it and then ran away when I came into the room.  I went over to get him and then we sat down and I held his hands together.  I bowed my eyes and said:

“Jesus, please forgive me for making a poor choice.  I am sorry.  Please help me now to make the right choice, I really want to make the right choice.  Thank you Jesus.”

Then I turned him around and had him look in my eyes and tell me that he was sorry for what he had done.  No, of course he did not actually echo the words himself.  I had to show him and speak for him, but he understands what I am saying and now it has become a new routine for us when a poor choice is made.

We all desire to make the right choices, don’t we?  We aren’t able to make them on our own.  Keegan will always need help to make the right choices in life.  His mommy is teaching him where to turn for help to make them.

I found myself wishing that I had done this with my older sons too, but then I realized that its never too late.  It may not be in the same form, but I can still teach them by my example.

Yesterday, we had to ask God to give Keegan Joy.  He was struggling with needing it when he woke up from  his nap. 

I love new opportunities. 🙂

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