Thankful for friends…

I had my good friend Stephanie over today for a coffee visit:

At some point, we started talking about cooking and so I shared with her how I have decided that I’m not a good cook and how the whole idea of cooking sometimes overwhelms me.

She knows me well enough to know that I just needed a little encouragement and a gentle push to try again rather than to just accept this for myself.

So we walked over into my kitchen and I became her student for the hour.  🙂 We worked on a dish that I’ll be serving tonight with friends.

She left me with a few recipes that I feel confident about and I am excited to see how they turn out.


Sometimes you just need a friend to come along and inspire you again.



4 thoughts on “Thankful for friends…

  1. I love that she cooked with you! I don’t need a personal chef just a kitchen coach. Once I get it down, I love to cook but I’m intimidated. So , now you have to cook for me when I visit in March!
    ps love the vintage pic!

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